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The Uplifting Life is on a mission to help women discover their strength in the area of health and fitness.

What kind of strength?

The strength to overcome barriers to success, the strength to stay consistent, the strength to dig deep and make healthy living a LIFELONG HABIT, not a quick fix. If you have tried multiple programs, struggle with mindset and body image, or feel overwhelmed, The Uplifting Life may be the solution for you! So relax, take a deep breath, and look around. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Hi! I'm Emily,

a Nebraska girl with a strong desire to help women transform their health from the inside out. After all, the journey starts in the mind.   Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we treasured our bodies, enjoyed the process, focusing on how much we can gain as opposed to how much we can lose?! I approach the health and fitness journey in a simple, honest, and above all, uplifting manner.  

"I am on a mission to not only tell you that you can do this, but also teach you how to do it- for life. "

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