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The Uplifting Life Programs



The UL Discovery: a 30 day journey


This 30 day program is for every woman who:

Struggles with the number on the scale

Struggles with sticking to healthy diet and exercise habits, and has tried multiple diet/exercise programs

Feels overwhelmed or frustrated by the thought of it all and doesn’t know where to start

Is looking for a lifelong solution, not a quick fix

Needs accountability, support, and guidance on the journey

I believe the UL Discovery is the solution that many women are seeking.  It covers all areas of health and fitness, starting with mindset.  You will learn and implement the Uplifting Life principles while being guided, encouraged, and communicated with.  The program is tailored to each client, providing solutions based on individual lifestyles, situations, and barriers to success.

The UL Discovery includes:

– An Uplifting Welcome Gift

– 2 Coaching Sessions packed with nutrition education, UL principles, and creating a plan together based on current lifestyle habits, goals, and circumstances (Face to face if in Omaha, Skype/Facetime if out of Omaha)

– Weekly coaching calls to go over the week (celebrate victories, answer questions, problem solve barriers to success)

– Daily check in (nutrition, encouragement, answer questions, etc.

– UL Discovery guidebook, including 30 easy and simple recipes, UL Principles, and solutions for common barriers in the area of nutrition

– Monthly uplifting meeting: coming together with other women who are after similar goals- we aren’t meant to do this alone!

– Access to UL Private online group with workouts, recipes, and videos discussing weekly topics

– A new outlook on your own health and fitness journey, and all the tools necessary for lifelong healthy habits

Pricing varies based on the number of people


The Uplifting Life Project

For those who have gone through the UL Discovery, and would like additional coaching.  A project is a “collaborative undertaking carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.”   The Uplifting Life Project is just that: together, we are working to achieve lifelong healthy habits.

Contract length and levels vary.  To be discussed during last session of The UL Discovery program.

Discover Your Strength Training

For those who have never strength trained, and would like to learn form, technique, and how to develop training programs.  A lifelong tool that will keep your body strong and mobile!

Discover Your Strength Training Includes:

5 45 minute personal training sessions

-Program notebook

-3 complete workout programs

-Education on how to design programs and progress weights to get stronger

-Access to UL private online group for additional workout ideas, recipes and resources

-Confidence to go in to a weight room with an action plan

Investment: $300