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What we focus on will grow.

Such a simple concept, yet so powerful.


My fitness journey began 10 years ago, when my main focus was weight loss.  At 19, I was single and ready to mingle.  My focus and motivating drive was to look good (in hopes of landing the “perfect guy”).

Over time, my mindset has evolved in a drastic way, revealing to me such a simple but profounding truth:

When my focus was on how much I weighed or what size I wore, I was allowing a number to validate my efforts, my success, and ultimately my worth.

Don’t get me wrong, losing weight and getting recognized for it is a great feeling.

However, if the scale is the focus, it can create some serious stress and anxiety.  I mean, how many times have you stepped on after a killer week, to have your hope deflated by a number you weren’t expecting?  I, too, have had too many instances like that.

Some may be motivated by it, but I have seen too many go the other direction, myself included.  “Why even try?”  “This isn’t working!”

So, I have a question. What if we ditched the scale for a while, and focused on what we are in control of?  What would that look like?

What if we controlled our habits, stuck with it, and focused on how our clothes fit, our energy, how consistent we are with workouts, and took it one day at a time?

What if success was defined by overcoming bad habits, like the late night sweet tooth, weekend shenanigans, high stress, lack of water, or a sedentary lifestyle?

I put the scale away 1 month ago, because as much as I tried to deny it, I was emotionally attached to it.   I have tried so hard to convince myself I wasn’t…but I broke down after the last guilt trip.  And let me tell you, putting it away has been liberating.  It refined the Uplifting Life, where the focus isn’t on how much we lose, but how much we can gain through the process of taking care of our health, inside and out.

So let me ask you, where is your focus?

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