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I don’t know how many times I have had “work out” on my radar, only to skip it.  Not only skip it, but justify my skipping, when I know very well that it could have been done. Here are some of my justifications skipping a workout:

If I sweat, I won’t have enough time to shower…..

I don’t want to be sore because I have a long day tomorrow…….

Tomorrows’ workout is going to be really hard, so that counts as 2 workouts right….?

As I type these, I have to laugh because of how ridiculous they are.  Justifying these excuses have caused me many days of regret and guilt, because I KNOW they are just that: excuses.  Now, there are definitely times that life happens, but more often than not, I just didn’t make it a priority.

Sound familiar?

Staying consistent is key, and here are 5 things that I have been working on, and recommend to clients who are looking to stay consistent with their fitness routines.

1.        SCHEDULE IT! :  Each Sunday, I take a look at my week. What’s going on?  I find 4 times that I KNOW I can get a workout in, taking in to account time to shower (or freshen up), so I literally have zero excuses to miss.  Think of this as an important meeting with yourself: your mind, your heart, and your body.  You wouldn’t miss a meeting with your boss or client, so don’t miss one with yourself!

2.       HAVE A PLAN:  Working TOWARDS something is so much more inspiring and motivating then moseying on in to a gym with no plan.  Keep a little journal full of your workouts: what you did, weights used, time it took, how you felt, etc. etc.  There are SO many ways to track your progress.  Need help with a program or plan?  Shout me a holler, I would love to get you hooked up with a fun plan, realistic for YOUR goals!

3.       FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO DO: There are so many options out there for physical activity.  I love strength training, and HIIT training.  It is efficient, and does wonders for your heart and body composition.  However, any physical activity is better than nothing, and if you are struggling to get started, just do SOMETHING! Get started.  Always wanted to run? Sign up for a 5k! There are plenty of apps with training plans.  Love to dance? Try out a Zumba class! Love to get your butt kicked? Try out a HIIT or boot camp class at the gym!  Just do something.

4.       ALL MY BAGS ARE PACKED, I’M READY TO GO:  Have your workout clothes laid out, waiting for you.  The visual reminder will be right smack dab in front of you! There have even been times I have slept in them when I had a morning workout planned. If you are working out first thing in the morning, put your alarm across the room, right by your clothes.  Get it ALL ready, no excuses.

5.       KEEP MOVING FORWARD:  This is perhaps the most important factor, for me personally.  Sometimes I self-sabotage myself once I start getting in to a good routine.  I am feeling good, feeling strong, and then convince myself it is okay to slack off a bit and get back at it tomorrow.  Sound like something you have done, too?  It is completely natural to feel this resistance, but justifying it is a complete lie.  I can’t think of a time that I felt good about the decision to skip a workout so I could lay on the couch and watch Wheel of Fortune.

Daily, I have to remind myself that this is for life…there won’t be a time I “arrive” and can stop giving my body the exercise it needs to thrive.  There will always be room to improve and get stronger, both inside and out.  That is the beautiful thing about fitness!  It is a big discipline, with an even bigger pay off.   Pretty powerful stuff!  So, what has been holding you back?  What are you waiting for?

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