Why The Uplifting Life?

Why The Uplifting Life?



The word “uplift”

means to inspire happiness or hope.  Training women for 5 years has taught me about the body, but more than that, it has taught me about the heart.  The area of health and fitness can be a place of vulnerability, and that’s where my passion lies.  Our thoughts and our mindset determine our actions, and I have heard too many comments from women that have made my heart ache, including:

I have been so bad.

I look disgusting.

I am so fat.

I have no willpower.

I can’t do this.

Our beliefs drive our behaviors, and I think that too many women out there believe the comments above, causing guilt, frustration, and backwards steps in their journey.

I am on a mission to uplift women in the area of health, fitness, and body image, empowering, encouraging, and educating them until they believe:

I can do this

I will do this

I am strong

I have self-control

I am not going to give up

These beliefs lead to successful, lasting changes.