My Story

Who is Emily?




My name is Emily Meier, and I am the creator of The Uplifting Life.  I am passionate about living a healthy life inside and out, and helping others do the same. My passion stems from my own fitness journey, which began about 10 years ago.  I found myself at my highest weight and lowest self-esteem,  and it really affected all areas of my life in a negative way.  I had no motivation, no energy, and very little self-worth.  I hit a low point, physically and emotionally.

Over the years, I have focused on improving all areas of my health: my heart, my mindset, and my habits.  The result?  Transformation from the inside out.  It has been so life changing, to the point that  I believe I am called to help other women do the same.

Making changes is tough, uncomfortable, and can be a long process, but I truly believe that you are capable – and deserving – of thriving in the area of health and fitness.  The strength is in you, but it takes some effort and perseverance to discover it!   My promise is to believe in you, until you believe in yourself.  The Uplifting Life was born out of my compassion for hearts combined with my knowledge and experience in exercise and nutrition.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I would love to get to know you more, and help you discover your strength.  After all, the journey isn’t meant to be traveled alone.



BA Exercise Science

ACSM certified Health Fitness Specialist